Sri Lanka has a well-connected network of transportation which covers road, rail and air. Both national transportation services and private transportation services operate within the island.

Transport in Sri Lanka is based mainly on the road network which is centred on Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. There is also a railway network, but it is largely a legacy of British colonial rule and today only handles a small fraction of the country’s transport needs. The Colombo–Matara Expressway is a 126 km long motorway linking Colombo, Galle, and Matara. It was built to bolster the economy of the Southern Province. Other expressways are either under construction or proposed.

There are many taxi services that operate in Sri Lanka. They range from luxury cars and SUVs to the very popular mini Tata Nano cars used by many taxi services. You can easily spot these mini taxis due to their bright colours of red, yellow and silver and the equally bright display of call-up numbers.

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